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Congrats to dkwilliams for 10 correct guesses! killabeez came in a close second with nine!

The most correctly guessed stories were mackiedockie's Best Laid Schemes, morgynleri_fic's Valföðr, and pat_t's A Caper A Day. And the most incorrectly guessed story was keerawa's The Paper Burns, but the Words Fly Free.

Warning to mackie, pat and morgynleri: apparently Diana and Killa are on to you. :) Keerawa, you keep doing what you doing.

Most importantly, none of you studs found me.

And now on to our reveals!Collapse )

I don't think I like the long drawn out posting we had this year. It feels like we should have had reveals already, and I think we'll do it the old way next year.


The Twelve Days of Thieving (flr idontlikegravy)
Winter Gifts (for tazlet)
No Child Is Ever Mine (for morgynleri_fic)
A Yuletide Theft (for krastakin)
An Incomplete Lexicon of Unwarranted Festivities (for pat_t)
A Caper A Day (for lferion)
At the Edge of Our Hope (for merriman)
Valföðr (for carenejeans)
Deaccession (for tryfanstone)
Troll the Ancient (for eliyes)
Relish the Day (for banbury)
Ink (for b_flower)
We’ll Have A Fae Old Time (for killabeez)
The Loch Job (for argentum_ls)
Old Skills, New Tricks (for ithildyn)
The Best Laid Schemes (for jinxed_wood)
The Paper Burns, But the Words Fly Free (for mackiedockie)
home till midnight… (for unovis)
The Midnight Clear (for hafital)
Vagrants, Rogues and Professional Deceivers (for elistaire)
Everything to Bid, Everything to Lose (for keerawa)
Stranger Than Fiction (for dkwilliams)
Flying Coach (for adabsolutely)
Give the Poor Dog a Bone (for myystic)

Once again, Methos was king. Joe was probably a good second, and Amanda coming in third. Wat!

We had three pinch hits, BUT two of those were done by independent contractors. The remaining one was done by an author, and THEN, two more authors signed up to pinch hit for the pinch hitters, so THE CIRCLE IS CLOSED. So when you guess, realize that three authors have repeated themselves. And that some people who received a story did not turn one in. HAAAHAHAAAH SUCKERS.

We had…no porn, IIRC. We had lost of historical smattering, some FUTUREFIC, some spacefic, and OMG STEALING THINGS. SHENANIGANS. CAPERS.

1st-Jan-2014 09:22 pm - Happy Holidays myystic, a lovely pinch hitter!
Title: Give the Poor Dog a Bone
Author: Droppo, the Laziest Man on Mars
Written for: myystic
Characters/Pairings: Amanda, Joe
Rating: G
Word Count: 2048
Author's Notes: I admit, I am a little preoccupied with food at the moment. Thank you to D for giving it a look-over.
Summary: Duncan's off in Scotland and has left his cupboards bare.

Give the Poor Dog a BoneCollapse )
1st-Jan-2014 09:18 pm - Happy Holidays adabsolutely, a lovely pinch hitter!
Title: Flying Coach
Author: The Travel Agent
Written for: adabsolutely
Characters/Pairings: Methos
Rating: G
Author's Notes: My thanks to You Know Who You Are.
Summary: Graduate students fly coach.

Flying CoachCollapse )
31st-Dec-2013 08:51 pm - Happy Holidays, dkwilliams!
Title: Stranger Than Fiction
Author: The Naughtiest Reindeer
Written for: dkwilliams
Characters/Pairings: Duncan/Methos, Amanda, Lucy Becker
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 4,286
Author's Notes: Thank you from the bottom of my heart, intrepid beta-readers!
Summary: In which Duncan visits Amanda for a lunch date, and finds something he shouldn't.

Stranger Than FictionCollapse )
31st-Dec-2013 08:45 pm - Happy Holidays, keerawa!
Title: Everything to Bid, Everything to Lose
Author: The Jug Band
Written for: keerawa
Characters/Pairings: Joe, Methos/OFC
Rating: G
Word count: 6,000
Author's Notes: You asked for a scenario in which the Watchers got something wrong in Methos' chronicle and he wants it corrected, but it occurred to me more that Methos would care less about his record, spotty as it was, and more that the Watchers might have certain documentation that he might prefer to possess himself. And so. Also, my knowledge of history is shoddy, supplanted with only descriptions from Anne Rice vampire novels. Sry.
Summary: But this time, it was a little different—he had something that Methos had created, once owned, and based on his response at the auction, was very interested in getting back.

Everything to Bid, Everything to LoseCollapse )
30th-Dec-2013 11:29 pm - Happy Holidays elistaire!
Title: Vagrants, Rogues and Professional Deceivers
Author: El ratoncito Pérez
Written for: elistaire
Characters/Pairings: Adda Ad Piers (Methos), Walter Graham, Connor MacLeod. Adda/Connor
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ±5,400
Author's Notes: Anon, good friends, anon!
Summary: Ay band off itinerraunt playars att ay pervynchul Inne, ay Nyght of Ghaist Storyes & diurs Enterludyes, leedth strayte waye to Abomnible intemiseyes & Horid practicis’s b’tween tow Strayngers.

Vagrants, Rogues and Professional DeceiversCollapse )

30th-Dec-2013 11:26 pm - Happy Holidays, hafital!
Title: The Midnight Clear
Author: Eggnog Is My Kryptonite
Written for: hafital
Characters/Pairings: Duncan/Methos
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Thank you to my jolly beta elf!
Summary: When the quiet war comes at last, MacLeod is the first soldier taken.

The Midnight ClearCollapse )
30th-Dec-2013 11:24 pm - Happy Holidays, unovis!
Title: home till midnight...
Author: chocolate glazed doughnut
Written for: unovis
Characters/Pairings: Methos/Duncan (implied, possibility in the future), OMC
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 4,900
Author's Notes: I was very proud to be chosen to write story for Unovis and it was great experience. Thanks to Amand-r for her patience and to my beta Nica (who actually watched the series this December for the first time in her life, after I told her about it) for her thoroughness and encouragement.
Summary: Sometimes it's better not to have, sometimes it's better to just watch from outside...

home till midnight...Collapse )
29th-Dec-2013 07:55 pm - Happy Holidays, mackiedockie!
Title: The Paper Burns, But the Words Fly Free
Author: Lebush
Written for: mackiedockie
Characters: Joe Dawson, Methos
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Set just before the events of 'One Minute to Midnight'
Summary: If this was the after-life, the nuns owed Joe an explanation.

The Paper Burns, But the Words Fly FreeCollapse )
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