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Highlander Holiday ShortCuts
The Highlander Secret Sant-r Fic Exchange is now Open! 
30th-Sep-2009 11:45 pm
This is the post, and man is it long. Please read all info above and below the cuts to make sure that you understand. If you have any questions, see link at the bottom of the post to ask a question.


Sign Ups: October 1, 2009 to October 10, 2009 MIDNIGHT EST in a response to this post.
Assignments handed out: no later than October 13, 2009.
Default deadline: November 12, 2009 by email only.
Submission deadline: December 10, 2009 emailed to my addy.
First story posted: December 15, 2009. I am going to post the stories myself. All stories can be emailed to me in txt or word format and already contain HTML formatting.


1. A beta would be preferred, as this is a gift.
2. Minimum word length: 500 words
3. Maximum word length: none
4. Pinch hitting: please. Please indicate if you can or cannot pinch hit.
5. Pimping: also please. When you sign up, if you could pimp the fest in a relevant community that would be great. If your communities are already informed, please pimp in your journal. Or on an insane journal or wherever. Please also, if somebody can, pimp on mailing lists as well.

SIGN UP FORM (expanded edition; sample filled form below)

Your name:
Your LJ user name if different:
Your email address: please somewhere I can reach you.

For the gift you want to receive:
1. Three to five of your preferred characters or pairings: here is also the place to list what you prefer—gen, het, slash, femslash as well.
2. A listing of preferences you would like to see in your gift, if any.
3. Any dislikes or squicks you do not want to see in your gift.

Scenarios: (OPTIONAL) Provide one or more scenarios you would like to see included in your gift. Note: Your writer is NOT OBLIGATED to use this scenario, but it may provide a jumping off point for them. Please don't go overboard with specifics; make it general enough to be workable by someone else. Do not provide a step-by-step outline.

For the gift you are going to give someone else:
1. Any characters or pairings you refuse to write. Please be generous here. Unless you have a serious issue with characters, please don't put them here. Please don't put something like "Everyone but Methos and Amanda" or something like that. The point of this is to stretch yourself and give a gift to a person who may not necessarily share your specific likes.

2. Anything you refuse to write (It will be assumed that you are willing to write anything that is not listed in this section. Within reason. I'm not going to be hedging my bets on those special unspoken things, and if I find myself really hard up to make pairings, I will email you before I give you an assignment. Likewise, if you have been in contact with me on lj or email re: your abilities/needs then I will remember them. This is not carte blanche to bombard me with nitpicky things, but I understand some concerns people have had in the brainstorming process, and I remember them.)

Crossovers with: Here is where you put the fandoms you'd like crossovers with. A MAX OF THREE FANDOMS. Format this area like so:

1. Fandom (characters you like from this fandom, like only if there's one that is a necessity to be in the fic. Otherwise, just leave it. I suppose if you HATE a character, you could note that, but I'd like to make this brief.)

I will try to pair people with crossovers and the like when I see them, but that won't be my sole criteria. Stating that you'd like to receive a crossover will not guarantee that you get one, and vice versa for writing one. This is an attempt to include crossovers in the santa list. I would naturally like to see crossovers, but I don't want to schism them into their own subgroup and dilute the whole writing group number.

The Jinxed_wood Crossover Stipulation: all the stories have to be set in the Highlander universe, even if they use crossover characters (as opposed to having Methos wandering around in the Buffyverse, for example, with nary another Highlander character in sight.). Thanks Jinxed!

Crossovers I'll write: List the fandoms you'll be willing to cross with HL. Do not get into details. If you have any stipulations about characters in a fandom etc, do not list it. You will either write a fandom or not.

FINALLY, should you feel that you NEED to clarify your wants and or needs further, or perhaps you have a few scenarios that you would like to see in a story and you need a few sentences to explain them, I suggest making a post in your LJ addressed to your HLHShortCutter in your LJ. I would note that you have done so and maybe link to it at the bottom of your sign in form.

Whew! That's a lot of work for a sign on! It looks smaller than the above.


Name: Amand-r
LJ name: Amand_r
Email: amandr@gmail.com (incidentally, this is the email address at which you contact me)

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED PEOPLE: het, gen, slash, femslash, Methos, Caspian, Amanda, just about anybody regular, Methos/Duncan, Methos/Joe.
2. PREFERENCES: battle sequences, first time stories, character death, snappy dialogue (you know, Josslike conversations)
3. DISLIKES: smut for smut's sake, fluffy romance, waterplay, Matthew McCormack, Cory Raines, season one Richie.

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Cory Raines, Connor.
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: Mpreg. PWP. Crossovers with your mom; it distracts her.

Crossovers with:
1. Firefly (I lurv River, Jayne, Malcolm)
2. Ghost in the Shell—television (I lurv Batou, Togusa, tachikoma)
3. DCU (I lurv Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Superman, Green Arrow, etc)
Crossovers I'll write: Forever Knight, Dead Like Me, Burn Notice, The Muppet Show

Elaboration post in my LJ: No.
Can you pinch hit? Maybe. Contact me.


NOTE: You have to add in the scenarios part. If you do not want crossovers, delete that part of the form.


Happy hunting, my little pumpkins. Please pimp far and wide.
1st-Oct-2009 04:04 am (UTC)
Aw, yay! I was kinda nervously wondering if it might be that time soon. Eeee.
1st-Oct-2009 04:05 am (UTC)
1st-Oct-2009 12:01 pm (UTC)
Name: Kathryn Andersen
LJ name: kerravonsen
Email: remix AT katspace DOT org

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Methos, gen; also fond of Joe, Duncan, Darius and Amanda.
2. PREFERENCES: friendships, redemption, plot, snappy dialogue
3. DISLIKES: slash, femslash, anything more than "teen" rating, anything taboo or kinky, Methos!Sue

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Kurgan, Caspian (and HL:Raven characters because I still haven't seen it)
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: slash, femslash, sex, anything more than "teen" rating, anything taboo or kinky or weird like MPreg

Crossovers with:
1. Harry Potter (Snape)
2. Doctor Who
3. Sandman
Crossovers I'll write: Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Stargate SG-1, Sandman, Sentinel, Buffy, Harry Potter

Elaboration post in my LJ: http://kerravonsen.livejournal.com/597709.html
Can you pinch hit? No

1st-Oct-2009 12:02 pm (UTC)
*woot* I am, of course, in:

Name: idontlikegravy
LJ name:idontlikegravy

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Gen, slash, het, femslash, humour, hurt/comfort, Amanda, Nick Wolfe, Methos, Richie, Fitz, Darius.
2. PREFERENCES: heists, comedy, historical (especially ancient), first times, Denial
3. DISLIKES: graphic sex, PWP, non-con, farce, AU (other than Denial obviously), any MacLeod, Cassandra

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Cassandra, Joe Dawson (I can't seem to get him right)
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: graphic sex, PWP, Mpreg, non-con (anything in that vein, you get the idea)

Crossovers I'll write: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Firefly, Stargate SG-1, Buffy/Angel, NCIS, CSI Vegas, Castle, Being Human, Merlin, Red Dwarf, Supernatural, Discworld, Iron Man, Xmen (and probably most other things except Manga/anime so if you're stuck for a match for someone then just ask).

Elaboration post in my LJ: No
Can you pinch hit? At the moment yes but that might change nearer the time. (sorry to be vague)

Edited at 2009-10-01 12:04 pm (UTC)
1st-Oct-2009 07:33 pm (UTC)
1st-Oct-2009 03:17 pm (UTC)
Name: Diana Williams
LJ name: dkwilliams
Email: diana @ slashcity . com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: slash, Methos/Duncan, any others in friend/background roles including Connor, Richie, Fitz, Amanda, etc.
2. PREFERENCES: comedy, first times, established relationships, capers, historical (either full-on or flashbacks), snark and witty dialog, hurt/comfort with emphasis on comfort
3. DISLIKES: rape/non-con, extreme violence, graphic het

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Cassandra, Horsemen, Kenny
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: non-con, rape, extreme violence

Crossovers with: any - convince me
Crossovers I'll write: Who-verse, Eroica, X-Files, Sentinel

Elaboration post in my LJ: No - don't think I need one
Can you pinch hit? No
1st-Oct-2009 03:45 pm (UTC)
Forgot to add - Things I won't write/don't want to receive - anything to do with Highlander:Source. I like to pretend that one didn't exist. And no femslash, or het, please! Writing OR receiving!

Edited at 2009-10-08 04:46 pm (UTC)
1st-Oct-2009 03:36 pm (UTC)
I probably should not be doing this, but.

Name: Killa
LJ name: killabeez
Email: killa at slashcity dot com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Duncan, Amanda, Methos, Connor (possibly in that order) and just about everybody who's ever been on the show. Joe, Matthew McCormick, Tessa, Richie, and Nick Wolfe are all high on the list. Slash or femslash are lovely; gen and het are great, too, as long as the het involves Amanda. ;) Particular pairings I love: Duncan/Methos, Duncan/Amanda, Duncan/Connor -- but seriously, I'm wide open here. If it's true to the show, chances are I'll love it.
2. PREFERENCES: I have particular love for things set after the series, and I'm not crazy about the movies (except for the first one). Feel free to ignore them. Historical is nice, too. During the series, as well. Really not picky!
3. DISLIKES: Methos/Joe, mpreg, genderswap, judgmental Duncan (or accusations thereof)

Scenarios: Just throwing this out there -- don't feel constrained by it! Heists/capers are always awesome, especially if they're D/M/A-ish and/or crossed over with Hustle. :) I also love plain, old-fashioned first time slash. Post-apocalyptic (or post-revelation of Immortals to the world) is lovely, too. Ensemble/found-family gen is a particular favorite if you're not into pairings. And I'm pretty much yay! about crossovers, so if you see a fandom in my userinfo that appeals and it isn't on my list below, it's all good.

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Um... Marcus Constantine? Nah, I'll write him, too.
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: mpreg is all I can come up with

Crossovers with:
1. Hustle (favorites: I love them all, but Mickey is my favorite)
2. Band of Brothers (favorites: Winters, Nix (Nix!!), and Lipton)
3. Deadwood (favorites: Joanie Stubbs, Seth Bullock)
Crossovers I'll write: Jeremiah, Miracles, Magnificent 7, Deadwood, Supernatural, Angel, Primeval, Hustle, Band of Brothers, Sons of Anarchy, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Elaboration post in my LJ: this is probably elaborate enough! But if you get me and have any questions about what I like, hafital will know.
Can you pinch hit? no

Edited at 2009-10-05 05:07 pm (UTC)
1st-Oct-2009 05:22 pm (UTC)
LJ name:adabsolutely

I want to receive: MacLeod and Methos centric fic
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE:slash (D/M) or (D/M/A) (but sex is not necessary), Duncan, Methos, Joe, Amanda, Gina, Robert, Grace, et cetera
2. PREFERENCES: interesting settings -- exotic places or new takes on Seacouver/Paris, revealing or humorous dialog, both first time stories and established or off/on relationship, plot twists are good, immortals with purpose driven lifes, swords, flashbacks
3. DISLIKES: weak Methos, mean Duncan, Amanda bitchy at Methos for no apparent reason(unless of course he deserves it), cutesy

For the gift I am giving:
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE:permanent character death & I will ignore the source, of course

Crossovers with:prefer just HL, but also like crosses with the Sentinel
Crossovers I'll write:the Sentinel

Elaboration post in my LJ:not likely, but if it seems to be a problem have someone on my flist nudge me
Can you pinch hit?Yes, if the first story co-operates in a timely fashion

Edited at 2009-10-03 10:12 pm (UTC)
1st-Oct-2009 06:39 pm (UTC)
Name: jinxed_wood
LJ name: jinxed_wood
Email: jinxed_wood@yahoo.co.uk

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: het, gen, femslash, Methos, Amanda, Joe, ensemble stories, Methos/Amanda, Amanda/Rebecca
2. PREFERENCES: plotty fic, humour, action/romance, snappy dialogue, historical fic
3. DISLIKES:schmoop, PWPs, m/m slash over a PG rating, overdone h/c

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: I'll give just about anything a stab.
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: Slash over a PG rating, Mpreg, PWP

Crossovers with:
1.Doctor Who (Including the Big Finish audios! I adore Martha and Romana II,and the Doctor in any incarnation - Ace and Hex are great, too.)
2.Fringe (I like all the characters)
3.In Plain Sight (Mary and Marshall!)
Crossovers I'll write:Doctor Who (including Big Finish), Fringe, Being Human, In Plain Sight, Veronica Mars

Elaboration post in my LJ:Nope.
Can you pinch hit? [Cackles wildly] Nope.

Edited at 2009-10-01 06:40 pm (UTC)
1st-Oct-2009 06:53 pm (UTC)
Name: Black Rook
LJ name: grachonok
Email: blackrookg()gmail()com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: gen or slightly above, Methos, Rebecca, Methos/Rebecca, Darius, Joe
2. PREFERENCES: snappy dialogue, conversations in a bar, historical fic
3. DISLIKES: slash, femslash, mpreg, extreme violence

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: both MacLeods, Richie, HL:The Raven characters
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: slash, femslash, graphic sex or violence, mpreg

Elaboration post in my LJ: No
Can you pinch hit? No, alas
1st-Oct-2009 07:29 pm (UTC)
LJ name:pat_t

I want to receive:

1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE:slash preferred, slash implied is okay as well. D/M (favorite pairing), Joe/Richie as secondary couple only and if written well. Secondary characters: Joe, Amanda, Richie, Connor, Rebecca, Horton (he's a great bad guy), original characters.

2. PREFERENCES:angst - with happy ending, amnesia stories, first time stories, action, romance, comedy.

3. DISLIKES:too many flashbacks, especially if they are into so much historical context that I've lost the original plot. Rape and extreme violence for no reason, dark Duncan raping Methos at the church.

For the gift I am giving:

1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE:I would probably not do Caspian justice. Or Corey Raines.

2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE:Long drawn out battle scenes, historical stories - to do them justice you must either have a very good grasp on different periods or have lots of time to do the proper research.

Crossovers with:

SPN - All of the main characters are a go
Buffy Universe which includes Angel - all
Dark Shadows (Original) all

Crossovers I'll write: SPN, Grey's, House MD, Dark Shadows (original), Buffy Universe/Angel

Elaboration post in my LJ:No

Can you pinch hit?Sorry, no.
1st-Oct-2009 07:30 pm (UTC)
1st-Oct-2009 08:39 pm (UTC)
Almost, but not quite, the same as last year:

Name: Ry
LJ name: Merriman
Email: ryenna at gmail

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Gen, het, slash of either variety. I'm a Methos gal and I love Amanda as well, so they're my top picks. I enjoy a good Horsemen fic, past or present, and I like the Watchers too.
2. PREFERENCES: Good dialogue, solid plots (a bad guy/antagonist is always fun in my book), and I love seeing the characters in different time periods, be it past or future.
3. DISLIKES: Mpreg, kidfic, badasses not being badasses, Richie, Cassandra, surprise character death, Joe slash. And last year I mentioned Quentin. The dare still stands.

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Richie, Cassandra, anyone only seen in the movies (except for Ramirez, I could write him I think), otherwise I'll try just about anyone. One-shot villains or friends are tough, but I've got the DVDs. I can watch and refresh myself.
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: Mpreg, kidfic, generally the stuff I have in my dislikes above. Also, I'm no good for anything above a PG-13 for sex. I can do an R for violence, but that's it. Sorry.

Crossovers with: Star Trek (TNG, TOS, DS9, new movie), Black Books, The Prisoner
Crossovers I'll write: Swiping my list from last year and tweaking:
The Avengers (Gale through King)
Star Trek: TNG
Ocean's 11 (remake)
Fight Club
Batman (new movies)
Hellboy (movies)
Doctor Who (fifth doctor only)
Harry Potter
Black Books
The Prisoner
and pretty much anything I've ever written for.

Elaboration post in my LJ: Try last year's or one from the year before. I think they cover everything.
Can you pinch hit? I'm feeling ambitious this year, so let's say yes.
1st-Oct-2009 08:42 pm (UTC)
Name: Ellie
LJ name: fractured_sun
Email: fracturedsun1@aim.com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: het, gen, slash, femslash, Methos, Duncan, Amanda, Joe, Fitz, Darius just about anyone particularly older immortals. Duncan/Methos, Methos/Joe, Methos/Rebecca, Methos/Amanda (do you see a pattern here?)
2. PREFERENCES: fun dialogue, historical, future fics, friendship fics, angst, anything with Methos in it.
3. DISLIKES: PWP, OC centric fics, extreme gratuitous violence

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Cassandra, really obscure characters
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: I really can't write sex scenes (though I happily write the lead up and aftermath, I just can't write sex scenes) or complicated battle scenes. I have never watched (and never intend to watch) highlander the source.

Crossovers with:
Dr Who/Torchwood (my favs are 9 or 10, Jack and The TARDIS), Firefly (River and Jayne are probably my favourite characters but I like all of them), Stargate universe
Crossovers I'll write: Magnificent 7, X men, anime fandoms, Dresden files, torchwood,

Elaboration post in my LJ:
Can you pinch hit? Umm... probably not
1st-Oct-2009 10:29 pm (UTC)
Name: Erika
LJ name: chinae
Email: funhapjoy@yahoo.com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: gen, slash, tv-series, Methos/Duncan, watchers, Joe, Methos/other, Amanda, Fitz, Darius
2. PREFERENCES: Friendship, comedy, a bit of angst, what one would typically find in the tv series
3. DISLIKES: the movies and their characters, with the exception of the first movie, femslash, HL: Raven characters um..the guy who played Amanda's love interest,

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Richie, I'm not sure I have ever been able to capture his voice
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: rape, bdsm, movies, X-over with Buffy just because it has been a while since I've watched it and I don't think I can capture the Joss-speak as I probably would have in the past

Crossovers with: X-Files, Marvel or DC comic characters, Angel, Supernatural, Glee. Actually, I like reading x-overs so, so even if it is something not listed but you would like to x-over it, I'm okay with it.
Crossovers I'll write: those mentioned above, Grey Anatomy, Harry Potter, Underworld.

Elaboration post in my LJ: no
Can you pinch hit? Sure
1st-Oct-2009 11:44 pm (UTC)
Name: Casey
LJ name: strangevisitor7
Email: Strangevisitor7@yahoo.com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Gen, Crossover, Richie, Duncan, Methos, Amanda, Joe
2. PREFERENCES: Humor, action/adventure
3. DISLIKES:No NC-17, slash, character death, PWP

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE:The movie specific characters including Connor. Most minor (one shot) characters
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: NC-17, slash, pwp

Crossovers with: Leverage, Magnificent 7, NCIS, Dr. Who (ten only), Torchwood, Firefly, Stargate, Psych, Numbers, Burn Notice - I prefer to receive a crossover.
Crossovers I'll write: Supernatural, Leverage, Psych, Magnificent 7, Firefly, Buffy, Bones, Smallville, Stargates, Numb3rs, NCIS, QL, Smallville. Just ask if I know the show I'll do it.

Elaboration post in my LJ:
Can you pinch hit? Not this year

Edited at 2009-10-01 11:45 pm (UTC)
2nd-Oct-2009 01:03 am (UTC) - pinch hit only
Name: Tray
LJ name: elistaire
Email: elistaire at yahoo dot com

Can you pinch hit? Yes
2nd-Oct-2009 01:05 am (UTC) - Re: pinch hit only
2nd-Oct-2009 02:44 am (UTC)
Name: Lisa
LJ name: _chibiko_
Email: lawhiplash15 at hotmail dot com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Methos, Fitz, season 4 Richie, gen, Methos/Alexa, Joe, watchers in general
2. PREFERENCES: historical, comedy, snappy dialogue, friendship
3. DISLIKES: movies, slash

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: prefer not characters from the movies only, but generally open
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: extremely graphic situations, smut, slash

Crossovers with: Doctor Who (New Series), Middleman, X-Men
Crossovers I'll write: Doctor Who (New Series), Middleman, X-Men

Elaboration post in my LJ: no
Can you pinch hit? no :(
3rd-Oct-2009 08:06 pm (UTC)
LJ name:mackiedockie
Email:yhtac57 at gmail

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE:Gen, Het, Slash, Poly, h/c, all is nice. I'm fond of Joe as a core character, even as the odd man out, but would never throw Duncan, Methos, Amanda, Ramirez, Fitz or Rebecca out of bed for eating crackers.
2. PREFERENCES:I like my HL straight up or with a crossover twist, with something of a plot. AUs, historical, missing scenes, time-travel, I'm wide open. Served with a bit of kink or straight canon is fine, if the characters sound like themselves within the scenario.
3. DISLIKES:schmoop, fluff, underage, incest, curtainfic.

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE:Kenny, rpf, Supernatural
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE:underage, incest, schmoop, fluff, curtainfic. My sense of fashion is nonexistent.

Crossovers with:HL straight up is good! But I am open to Burn Notice, Due South, Dresden Files, Stargate(original), Leverage, Torchwood, Being Human.
Crossovers I'll write:Burn Notice, Due South, Dresden Files, BTVS, Torchwood? Being Human? Willing to take a stab at others.

Elaboration post in my LJ:No, though I can make one if requested anonymously.
Can you pinch hit?Possibly, will know closer to November.
3rd-Oct-2009 11:38 pm (UTC)

Name: diane
LJ name: dswdiane
Email: dswdiane@aol.com

I want to receive: Gen or slash, slash preferred. Methos/Duncan, Methos/Kronos okay but preferred as a flashback not the main event. Lots of plot. Humor, please. I'm a totally sucker for h/c, but not without humor, too.
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Methos, Duncan, Joe, Amanda, Methos, Connor, Rebecca, Fitz, Matthew, Cory, Ceirdwyn, did I mention Methos, actually just about anyone except movie characters excepting Connor.
2. PREFERENCES: Lots of plot. Humor, please. kink is fine but not necessary. Smart funny Duncan is nice. Snarky Methos is always fine. Lots of connection between Duncan and Methos is my true joy whether they struggle to find it, or have it all along.
3. DISLIKES: Character death of main characters, stupid duncan,ooc of any of these guys. Richie slashed with just about anyone at all (ick, ick, ick)

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Characters from the movies except Connor and maybe Ramirez.
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: mpreg, death of main characters

Crossovers with: I'd actually prefer just HL, but if that is too difficult to match then just about any Whedonverse is all right, but I prefer HL to be the main course as it were. So Buffy, Angel, Firefly
Crossovers I'll write: Same as above, and I'd really rather not, since I compulsively watch and watch watch anything I'm asked to crossover with so I get the voices right and it drives my family nuts.
Elaboration post in my LJ: Not yet. Maybe.
Can you pinch hit? Probably. Ask me.

4th-Oct-2009 05:34 am (UTC)

Name: Lferion
LJ name: lferion
Email:jtifft at gmail dot com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Gen or slash. Methos (and Adam Pierson). Methos/Duncan, Methos & Joe, Methos & Amanda, Methos & pretty much any one. Even Richie or Tessa. Oooo - Methos & Rebecca!:-).
2. PREFERENCES: Happy endings. Hurt-comfort. First times, first meetings. Adventure, historical, future-fic, introspection, relationships, angst, watcher-fic, intelligent and competence. I'd rather not get a crossover this year, actually, though I usually like them.

3. DISLIKES: Caspian. Kate (Endgame), Anna (Source). Not fond of het (Though I'll make an exception for Amanda :-)). Permanent death-fic.

For the gift I am giving:
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: Permanent death-fic, explicit het, Mpreg, 2nd person present/past "anywhere but here" style/scenarios.

Crossovers with:
American Idol Season 8 (Adam Lambert)

Crossovers I'll write:
Dr Who (old or new)
Queen of Swords
Lymond Chronicles
American Idol Season 8
Others negotiable

Elaboration post in my LJ: The one I wrote for 07 is here. I'll edit (or comment) with this years if/when I get it written.

My 08 Dear Yuletide Santa letter is here with some meta-observations about what I like in fandom & fic.

Can you pinch hit? Probably not, but who knows. This has not been a good year for getting things done.

Edited at 2009-10-04 05:37 am (UTC)
4th-Oct-2009 10:25 am (UTC) - I might regret it later, but...
Name: calime
LJ name:calime33

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: I'm easy - I love everything HL. That said, people in fic wot make me insanely happy: Amanda (!!!!!omgplz!!!eleventy!), Joe, the Horsemen, Methos and Duncan.
2. PREFERENCES: femslash esp. with Amanda; good crack; long gen adventure stories with friendships; strong women; outsider POV's; character studies; kink; non-schmoopy realistic deathfics; insightful exploration of Cassandra; less-schmoopy slash; interesting minor chars or OC-s, beautiful language; snark; Methos and Duncan connection.
3. DISLIKES: Uh, too sugary fluff and overdemonising - or victimising - a character so much that it becomes OOC? Also not a big fan of WNGWJLEO or hardcore torture/rape/whatnot just to get the h part of h/c, which is then shrugged off after the modicum of c.

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Willing to try everything - how it turns out is another thing, but will give my best shot :)
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: See above, though I very much doubt I'll write anything long, if the past experience is anything to go by. Also, I'm not well-versed (read: at all 'versed') in the movie canon of the HL II and III, and have still not seen the Raven.

Crossovers with: Firefly or Discworld could be nice, also Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series (including, and especially, the Lord John Grey spin-offs), Stargate-'verse
Crossovers I'll write: Discworld, Outlander, Firefly

Elaboration post in my LJ: No
Can you pinch hit? No

Edited at 2009-10-04 10:38 am (UTC)
4th-Oct-2009 06:30 pm (UTC) - I shouldn't be doing this...
Name: Gerda
LJ name: Holde_Maid
Email: ggupfinger at hotmail dot com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Gen, het, slash, femslash - any is fine. Not too deeply into Slash with Duncan, but a well-written piece that sells the idea believably will be fine, too. Else, I'm pretty easy.
2. PREFERENCES: I especially love character studies and stories that shed a new light on a known scene of the series or a known character, or elaborates on them. Say, what was Methos thinking when... and why did Duncan ... and that sort of stuff. Oh, and extrapolating can be fun, too - I mean, if you want to cross HL with Star Wars, go ahead! :-D And of course, if you have this cool novel plot idea for, like, a new episode sitting in your head that has been waiting to burst out, hey, why not?
3. DISLIKES: I'm not into AU too much, unless AU means Season 6 is ignored. :-)

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: There are some epis left I don't know - the characters in those might be a problem. I think by and large I could deal with most of the rest, and if I have time I can catch up on the epis.
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: Slashing Richie, Duncan in an already established slashy relationship - and much as I'd love to write him, I think I'd better stay away from Fitz, who is danged hard to write for. :-)

Crossovers with: Babylon5,
Crossovers I'll write:I love writing Methos, of course. I'll happily write Duncan, Amanda, Joe, Grace Chandler/Isabelle Pontand, Dr. Anne. Less happily Richie, e.g.

Elaboration post in my LJ: nay
Can you pinch hit? possibly
6th-Oct-2009 10:02 pm (UTC)
Name: hafital
LJ name: hafital
Email: hafital2 at yahoo dot com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: gen, het, slash, femslash are all highly acceptable. Duncan/Methos, Duncan & Methos, Duncan/Methos/Amanda, Duncan/Amanda, Duncan/Connor, Duncan & Connor, Methos/Connor, Duncan/most people, Methos/female, Methos & Amanda, Methos/Amanda. For minor characters I love Matthew McCormick, Darius, May Ling, Tessa.

2. PREFERENCES: first time stories, angst with happy endings (not that kind of happy ending! Okay, maybe that kind of happy ending. *g*) plotty goodness, caper-fic, character stories, strong friendship stories, pre-slash is big I love pre-slash, non-sappy romance, road trips. If you know my writing, you pretty much know what I like.

3. DISLIKES: bdsm, non-con, character death, horseman fic, enemy slash, spousal abuse.

For the gift I am giving:

1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Faith aka Kate, the chick from Highlander: The Source (still haven't seen it). I'd hate you forever if you make me write Maurice porn.
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: I'll write pretty much anything, but I'm not good at the following: bdsm, rape or non-con, mpreg, RPF, stories based on highlander: the source.

Crossovers with:
Generally, I'm good with it being only Highlander. Being that as it may, the following is also acceptable.

1. Highlander/Ocean's 11 (GO CRAZY)
2. Highlander/24 (this can totally be gen or not as you prefer, I love Jack and Tony, and also Assad from season 6 who is clearly Immortal. CLEARLY.)
3. Highlander/Wiseguy (I love Vinnie and Roger, and of course I love Sonny)
4. Highlander/Deadwood (Sol Starr and Seth Bullock are my favorites, but I find the entire world of Deadwood fascinating)
5. Highlander/Persuasion (I dunno, I stuck this one in at random. Write what you like!)

Crossovers I'll write: Doctor Who (NO Jack Harkness, NO Torchwood), Ocean's 11, Wiseguy, 24, Jane Austen novels (any of them).

Elaboration post in my LJ: not yet. If I do one I'll comment again.
Can you pinch hit? Maybe?
8th-Oct-2009 03:01 pm (UTC)
Name: Andrea
LJ name: silentflux
Email: silentflux.livejournal[at]gmail[dot]com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Gen or slash, Methos, Duncan, Methos/Duncan, Methos & Joe, Methos & Amanda, Duncan thrown in, Richie & Tessa, Duncan & Richie, Methos & Richie, Fitz & Methos
2. PREFERENCES: teasing, comedy, domesticity, redemption, happy endings, hurt/comfort, first times (kiss, sex, dancing, traveling, etc), adventure, crossovers, foodplay, I have a fond appreciation for restraints in bed or not
3. DISLIKES: genderswap, graphic non-con (if it's a plot point, ok, but there's only so graphic something like that needs to be), Joe slashed with anyone, dark Duncan, not particularly fond of het unless it's Amanda or Tessa, rather not femmeslash as the main pairing

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Kurgan, Cassandra, Horsemen
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: non-con, explicit het, death fic, I'm not too good with historical fics...

Crossovers with:
1. Buffy/Angel (Buffy, Angel, Spike, Giles)
2. Criminal Minds (Gideon, Reid, Hotch, Morgan)
3. due South (RayV, RayK, Fraser)
Crossovers I'll write: Firefly, Terminator:SCC, Buffy/Angel, House, Criminal Minds, Chuck, Once a Thief, due South, any CSIs, The Covenant, Fast & Furious, Casino Royale, 24, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, Lonesome Dove Outlaw Years, PotC, QAF (US), La Femme Nikita, Burn Notice, Supernatural, Primeval, the Dark Hunter books *tilts head* Interesting.

Elaboration post in my LJ: *shrugs* the same from last year...
Can you pinch hit? No, I don't think so.
8th-Oct-2009 06:16 pm (UTC) - *coughs nervously and waves*
Jay Tryfanstone:
jay.tryfanstone @ googlemail.com:

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Duncan/Methos, preferrable but not absolutely necessary: Joe, Connor, Amanda.
2. PREFERENCES: Um, swords, geological features, fast cars and motorbikes, books: setting and time period absolutely open, but fiction definitely placed somewhere or somewhen is good.
3. DISLIKES: Ritchie. (sorry.) mpreg unless with seahorses, permanant death. Joe slashed with anyone.

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Ritchie. Minor charactors ... I may need to do some research.
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: mpreg. (Probably). Sex with chocolate. Bubblebaths. I’m quite happy writing gen if needed. I’m not good at PWP, but could manage.

Crossovers with: Prefer just HL, but if crossovers make it good for you, Dear Author, go for it.
Crossovers I'll write: Almost anything which is a book rather than something filmed or shot for TV. I really, really can’t crossover with another TV series ... unless it’s The Water Margin, which no-one but me has seen anyway!

Elaboration post in my LJ: No.
Can you pinch hit? Possibly in desperation, but I can be hard to reach in a hurry. (Amand_r, I could give you another e-mail address if needed.)
8th-Oct-2009 06:27 pm (UTC) - Re: *coughs nervously and waves*
9th-Oct-2009 12:07 am (UTC)
Name: Carene
LJ name: carenejeans
Email: carene@pacific.net

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: DUNCAN. METHOS. Duncan and Methos, Methos and Duncan, MacLeod and Pierson, Kiltboy and the ROG. Amanda, Tessa, Fitzcairn, and Joe as supporting characters, and Richie in very minor appearances, such as part of the scenery.

2. PREFERENCES: D/M slash, preferably graphic and smutty, combined with humor, sap, angst, etc. That's my main preference. I won't say no to other stuff, like a different pairing or gen or f/f or whatever, but those are waaaaay down on the list after D/M slash. 8-)

3. DISLIKES: Het with OFCs, "judgmental" Duncan, torture (unless it's funny), deathfic.

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Characters from any of the movies (who aren't Duncan, Methos, Joe or Amanda, obviously). Most Kimmies (exception: Kronos)

2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: Het, unless it's Amanda. RPF.

Crossovers with: Supernatural, Angel, Wild Wild West, Magnificent Seven, Dead Like Me. Sons of Anarchy maybe?

Crossovers I'll write: Meh. I can barely write HL. 8-)

Elaboration post in my LJ: Yes, eventually.
Can you pinch hit? Maybe. Ask me again later. 8-)
9th-Oct-2009 01:37 am (UTC)
Name: Al
LJ name: aeron_lanart
Email: aeronlanart @ gmail.com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Gen, slash, het, femslash, humour, hurt/comfort, angst, Methos, Amanda, Richie, Fitz, Darius, Joe, Horton, Nick Wolfe
2. PREFERENCES: Denial, comedy, historical, pre, post or during series, 1st film only. Angst with happy endings.
3. DISLIKES: excessive fluff, Duncan/Methos (except as friendship), Cassandra.

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Cassandra, Duncan as main character (could manage a cameo), Duncan/Methos, iffy with Raven characters as I haven't seen all of it.
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: Mpreg, non-con, BDSM, PWP, graphic sex/violence (though I could manage a bit of gentle smut, I'm sure). RPF.

Crossovers with: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Merlin, Dresden Files, Star Trek (preferably Voyager, Next Gen, or reboot), Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Discworld, Red Dwarf, Firefly, Blake's 7, Being Human, Desperate Romantics, Forever Knight.
Crossovers I'll write: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Dresden Files, H2G2.

Elaboration post in my LJ: No, but can if needed.
Can you pinch hit? No

Edited at 2009-10-09 01:41 am (UTC)
9th-Oct-2009 09:13 pm (UTC)
Yes, I was waffling. How do you know these things?! ;)

Name: silvercobwebs
LJ name: silvercobwebs
Email: Krevlorneswath@hotmail.com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Slash/femmeslash, het, gen, flashback, humour, angst, Methos, MacLeod, Amanda, Rebecca, Fitz, Joe, Horsemen, Lucy Becker, Ramirez, Tessa, Byron
2. PREFERENCES: A healthy dose of wit, 'shippyness
3. DISLIKES: Character death, mpreg, character bashing, OCs, RPF, The Source, and OMGWTF!ZEIST?!

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: I'm willing to give anyone a go
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: mpreg, character bashing, RPF, movies that aren't the original, torture

Crossovers with: Deep Space Nine, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Rome, Blackadder
Crossovers I'll write: Doctor Who, Torchwood, any Star Trek (except Enterprise), Red Dwarf, Buffy, Angel, Merlin, Firefly, Being Human, Xena

Elaboration post in my LJ: Nope
Can you pinch hit? No
10th-Oct-2009 01:44 am (UTC) - she knows because she is magic.
'nuff said.
10th-Oct-2009 01:17 am (UTC)
Name: Ishafel
LJ name: ishafel
Email: asfael@hotmail.com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: gen, slash/ Methos, Joe, Duncan, Methos
2. PREFERENCES: plot, angst, hurt/comfort, redemptions, soldiers
3. DISLIKES: schmoop, PWPs, deathfic

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: I haven't seen HL:The Raven

Crossovers with: Prefer just HL generally, but maybe Lord John Grey series, Pat Barker's Regeneration series, Lymond Chronicles (that would be awesome, actually!), Harry Potter (particularly the 70s Death Eaters), etc.--something historical, I guess :)

Crossovers I'll write: Torchwood, House, Diana Gabaldon/ Lord John Grey/ Outlander, Supernatural, Grey's, Glee, Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars, Lymond Chronicles--anything I'm familiar with, basically.

Elaboration post in my LJ: not yet, but if I do I'll come back and link it.

Can you pinch hit? Maybe
10th-Oct-2009 01:43 am (UTC) - sorry...forgot something...
Name: Keenir
LJ name: Rodlox
Email: Keenir@hotmail.com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Ceirdwyn, Methos, Kronos, Kit O'Brady, Joe Dawson, Caspian, Connor MacLeod.
2. PREFERENCES: het or gen, historically accurate, what-might-have-been,
3. DISLIKES: Duncan-centric, character assassination, plotless slash, crossovers which simply drop an Immortal in another reality (give him or her a stake in what happens - and-or put an Immortal high up the power structure)

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Kalas, Corey, HL:Raven folks.
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: noncon, kinky, overt sex,

Crossovers with:
1) Rome (Vorenus, Niobe, Pullo, Vorena, Octavia, Octavius)
2) Lie to Me (Ria, Cal, Zoe, and all the others)
3) Firefly (River, Hands of Blue, Mr & Mrs Washburn, Kaylee, Inara, Mal, Jayne)
4) FlashForward (Dimitri, Wolf, and all the others)
5) Brimstone (the Devil, Ash, Zeke Stone)
6) Numb3rs (Amita, Liz, Nikki, Colby, Don, and all the others)
7) Nero Wolfe (Archie, Wolfe, Saul, any of the ladies)
8) Leverage (Parker, Sophie, Maggie, the others)

Crossovers I'll write: Rome, Firefly, Lie to Me, Numb3rs, Burn Notice, Dresden Files, Flashforward, Doctor Who, Surface, Brimstone, Nero Wolfe, Leverage

Elaboration post in my LJ: "Yes, oh yes" -Methos.
Can you pinch hit? Yes
10th-Oct-2009 08:30 pm (UTC)
Name: Amy
LJ name: amonitrate
Email:amonitrate @ gmail.com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Methos, Joe, Duncan, Amanda, Rebecca, Tessa, Maurice (hey, he's amusing) any iteration of het/gen/slash
2. PREFERENCES:Adventure, mysteries, capers, angst, Methos and/or Duncan getting Punk'd, brutal swordfights to the death.
3. DISLIKES:mpreg, not a huge H/C fan unless you really earn the C part (I have nothing against Hurt, just hate easy/unrealistic Comfort, aka The Magic Healing Cock), Richie as main character.

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE:Richie as main character.
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: Probably not mpreg, though that might be a good challenge someday. Wait, I take that back, you didn't hear me say it. Non-con or dub-con as a kink.

Crossovers with:
1. Iron Man
2. Zombieland
3. Mad Men (oh yes, Methos in a sharp suit and fedora? Amanda? AMANDA. AMANDA/JOAN. Just saying.)

Crossovers I'll write: Iron Man, Miami Vice, Firefly, Dollhouse, I may be willing to attempt Lymond Chronicles though it's intimidating.

Elaboration post in my LJ: nope
Can you pinch hit? maybe

Edited at 2009-10-10 08:47 pm (UTC)
10th-Oct-2009 10:08 pm (UTC)
Name: Morgyn Leri
LJ name: morgynleri_fic
Email: morgynleri@gmail.com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: gen, Methos, Amanda, Darius
2. PREFERENCES: AU, character-focused, future fic, crossovers
3. DISLIKES: no smut, please

For the gift I am giving:
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: smut, character death

Crossovers with:
1. Stargate SG1 (Paul Davis, Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill)
2. Doctor Who (the Master, Romana, Donna Noble)
3. Leverage (Eliot Spencer, Parker)

Crossovers I'll write: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Stargate (SG1 or Atlantis), Torchwood, X-Men

Elaboration post in my LJ: no
Can you pinch hit? no
11th-Oct-2009 02:54 am (UTC)
trying again --

Name: Unovis
LJ name: unovis_lj
Email: unovis@gmail.com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Slash, m/m or f/f, gen a distant second; Duncan, Methos, Amanda, secondary characters welcome
2. PREFERENCES: Smut, experimental writing, historicals, clothing porn; primarily sex is fine with me, but it should be good; prefer short to long stories
3. DISLIKES: Het; Connor, Richie, Cassandra, saintly Darius; Horsemen-era fic, smirky Methos

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: Richie, Connor, Horsemen other than Kronos, Matthew McCormick
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: Het, romance, long plotty fic, anything requiring a safe word

Elaboration post in my LJ: Yes--here
Can you pinch hit? No

Edited at 2009-11-04 04:01 pm (UTC)
11th-Oct-2009 05:28 am (UTC)
Don't know if I've managed to slide under the wire, but here goes...

Name: Corbeaun
LJ name: corbeaun
Email: noir_corbeau [at] hotmail [dot]com

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED TYPE/PEOPLE: Methos, Duncan, Kronos, Amanda, Connor
2. PREFERENCES: slash or gen; action, thrillers, mystery-solving, all with a dash of romantic angst.
3. DISLIKES: PWPs, curtain shopping,

For the gift I am giving:
1. CHARACTERS I WILL NOT WRITE: I'd prefer characters from the series, but I'm willing to experiment
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: Slash with Joe

Crossovers with: None
Crossovers I'll write: Supernatural

Elaboration post in my LJ: Probably not, unless my Secret Santa drops me a note to tell me otherwise.
Can you pinch hit? Haha. I wish I had the time-management skills, but -- No.
11th-Oct-2009 05:38 am (UTC)
I'll take it.
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