That's Lay-day Snackpants to you, buster. (amand_r) wrote in hlh_shortcuts,
That's Lay-day Snackpants to you, buster.

Happy Holidays, hafital, adabsolutely, and jinxed_wood!

An' to the Greenwood She Is Gane by Anonymous for hafital
Crossover: Highlander: The Series, Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
Characters: Catherine Morland, Rebecca Horne, Amanda Darieux, Connor MacLeod, Duncan MacLeod, Mrs. Allen (Northanger Abbey)
Notes: Crossover, Epistolary, House Party, Spring, Rituals, Misunderstandings, Off-screen Decapitation
Summary: I assure you that my forthcoming (and longer) letter will be completely factual on every point, devoid of speculation, and possessing only the barest descriptions and no poetry of any kind. Yours,
—Catherine Tilney

Third Time's the Charm by Anonymous for jinxed_wood
General Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Amanda Darieux, Methos, Duncan MacLeod, Joe Dawson, Cory Raines, Rebecca Horne
Notes: Heists, Historical, Trouble
Summary: Amanda needs some help. Then she needs some help again. And again. It's really not her fault at all!

Walk Beside the Dreamer by Anonymous for adabsolutely
Characters: Henry V of England, Joe Dawson, The Morrígan, The Brighid, Haerviu (Original Character)
Notes: Alternate Universe, Stealth Crossover, Connected Drabbles (plus one double drabble and one half drabble)
Summary: The dreamer spared one life, reborn in flame and music, who may yet learn how to shape the dream.
Tags: 2016 fest, amanda, connor, cory, crossover, duncan, gen, joe, rebecca

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