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Highlander Holiday ShortCuts
Happy Holidays, banbury, diana williams, and lferion! 
30th-Dec-2016 04:47 pm
Watcher Orphans by Anonymous for dkwilliams
Teen And Up Audiences, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, F/M, Gen, M/M
Pairings: Duncan MacLeod/Methos, Joe Dawson/Other(s)
Characters: Duncan MacLeod, Methos, Joe Dawson. Original Characters
Summary: The Watchers are being hacked, and Immortal heads are disappearing.

Between Sea and Shore by Anonymous for Banbury
Teen And Up Audiences, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Gen
Characters : Methos, Du ncan MacLeod,
Notes: Historical, World War II, Dunkirk
Summary: Methos and Duncan meet at Dunkirk

Hostage to Memory on the Wine-Dark Sea by Anonymous for lferion
Crossover: HL: The Series, The Odyssey - Homer
Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Gen
Characters: Methos, Odysseus, Athena, Aiolos | Aeolus, Polyphemus, Hermes, Nausicaa, Calypso
Notes: Alternate History
Summary: When broaching the subject of the wine-dark sea, Methos is always on hand to make an alcoholism joke.
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