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Highlander Secret Santa Fic Exchange 2010


People, I'm not amand_r . You may have noticed! But I'm delighted to announce that the Highlander Secret Santa Exchange will happen this year. And although amand_r 's stepped down for this exchange, she's watching from behind the scenes to make sure we all do good. So let's do us proud, eh?

So, here we go - you'll recognise most of this form:


Sign Ups: September 28th, 2010 to October 10, 2010 MIDNIGHT EST in response to this post or by e-mail.
Assignments handed out: no later than October 15, 2010.
Default deadline: November 15, 2010 by email or LJ: I'll make a halfway post.
Submission deadline: December 10, 2010, completed fic emailed to jay.tryfanstone @
First story posted: December 15, 2010.


1. A beta would be preferred, as this is a gift.
2. Minimum word length: 500 words
3. Maximum word length: none
4. Pinch hitting: please. Please indicate if you can or cannot pinch hit.
5. Pimping: also please. Your LJ, your communities...and I'm not on the mailing lists anymore - if someone could post there, I'd be very grateful.
6. You're more than welcome to sign up via e-mail if you prefer. Please send to the above address, with a header of  "hlh shortcuts sign up". It'll be fine.

SIGN UP FORM (expanded edition; sample filled form below)

Your name:
Your LJ user name if different:
Your email address: please somewhere I can reach you.

For the gift you want to receive:
1. Three to five of your preferred characters or pairings: here is also the place to list what you prefer—gen, het, slash, femslash as well.
2. A listing of preferences you would like to see in your gift, if any.
3. Any dislikes or squicks you do not want to see in your gift.

Prompt: (OPTIONAL) It would be smashing if your author had something to work from. Please, if you can give a two or three sentence prompt - an image, a quote, a sceanario you'd love to read - do. Also, please bear in mind that this will be a starting point for your writer: what you get may be close, but not exactly the fiction of your dreams.

For the gift you are going to give someone else:
1. Any characters or pairings you refuse to write. Please be generous here. Unless you have a serious issue with characters, please don't put them here. The point of this is to stretch yourself and give a gift to a person who may not necessarily share your specific likes.

2. Anything you refuse to write I will assume that you are willing to write anything that is not listed in this section. I'm not amand_r , I don't know you as well as she does, and I can't read your mind. Honestly, if it's not listed here, I will assume you're happy to write it, although if I'm not sure I will e-mail. I've no intention of giving you something you really feel you can't write!

Crossovers I would like to read: (OPTIONAL) Here is where you put the fandoms you'd like crossovers with. A MAX OF THREE FANDOMS. Please note jinxed_wood 's excellent stipulation from last year: crossovers MUST be set in the Highlander universe. Or (this is me!) in an AU universe. Not, please, one lone Highlander character wandering, slightly mislaid, in another fandom context. (EDIT 2nd Oct - please note, merriman  makes a very good point clarifying crossover fiction here, in discussion.)

1. Fandom (if you have character preferences, here's the place)
2. Fandom etc
3. Fandom etc

Crossovers I'll write: List the fandoms you'll be willing to cross with HL. Please don't go into too much detail!

1. Fandom (if you have major, major character preferences, here's the place)
2. Fandom
3. Fandom

FINALLY, any other comments on your fic? More on your preferred story? You forgot to say Amanda in a hat utterly rocks your world? It would be lovely if you posted more detail in your own LJ and linked here for the benefit of your writer.


Name: Jay Tryfanstone
LJ name: tryfanstone 
Email: jay.tryfanstone @ (fest contact e-mail, people)

I want to receive:
1. PREFERRED: slash, gen, Duncan/Methos, Duncan, Methos, Darius, Connor, Amanda. Methos. Er, did I say Methos?
2. PREFERENCES: HIstorical, both AU and non-AU, books, tea, snow, swords, Scotland. 
3. DISLIKES: Permanent character death, Richie (I'm so sorry! I promise I'll like him for the term of the fest... )

Old stone
Ten thousand years and you're still on your own
Don't you love
But you love it that way

(Lyrics: Laura Marling, Old Stone)

For the gift I am giving:
2. THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE: Um. Not much, these days. Underage rather covers it!

Crossovers I would like to read:
1. Bible (Or biblical archaeology)
2. Supernatural - (Methos/Lucifer: fascinating. Also, Dean Winchester? Really, really pretty. But Sam's.)
3. N/A

Crossovers I'll write:
1. Bible
2. Supernatural SPN or RPS
3. Almost anything bookish - ask.

Elaboration post in my LJ: Yes, but not done - I'll link when it's done and I will get it up before the October 10th sign-up deadline.

Can you pinch hit? Maybe. Contact me.

Blank form:

Questions? Comment post for more information or anything else you need for the fest here.

Have fun! Pimp!
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